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Proactive Criminal Defense

After carefully considering your legal situation, you undoubtedly want to hire an attorney who is confident and knowledgeable of your particular case. The Law Office of Doug Emerson in Weatherford, Texas, aggressively advocates for clients at all levels of criminal defense process. Mr. Emerson has appeared in more than 300 jury cases and will inform you of the punishment range for your charge and give a legal opinion on the strength of the State case.

The Law Office of Doug Emerson is committed to protecting your rights against any felony or misdemeanor charge -- state crime, federal crime, criminal allegations, weapons violations, violent crime, drug charges and more.

Violent Crimes

Conviction for a violent crime in Texas carries life-changing punishments including damage to your reputation that will follow you indefinitely. In addition, a conviction may affect your relationships with your family, employment prospects,  professional licenses and your right to own a weapon.

When the stakes are high, when your freedom and future depend on the outcome of a criminal trial, you will need an attorney that understands the components and dynamics of a violent confrontation.  Doug Emerson is an experienced lawyer with the ability to assert favorable evidence and legal defenses on your behalf.

Drug Charges

Facing drug charges in the State of Texas is a matter not to be taken lightly.  Even relatively minor offenses can result in serious penalties if convicted. Drug laws in Texas are very complex, and there are many variables, including the type and amount of drug alleged.   If you are charged with a drug crime, you  may face prison time, loss of your driving privileges, professional licenses and lengthy Court ordered treatment programs. Having an experienced attorney in essential  in obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.


People charged with theft crimes need a dedicated and aggressive defense. Many times an allegation of theft arises from a simple civil dispute and a complainant wants the State to be their free lawyer.  There is much more at stake than jail time, fines and restitution. A theft conviction can affect employment prospects and civil rights for the rest of your life.  Doug Emerson has defended many theft cases since 1987. The primary consideration in a theft case, or any criminal case, is to seek a dismissal of the case, or in the alternative, avoid a conviction and any other collateral consequences.

Weapons & Firearms Offenses

Given the recent public outcry regarding the availability and deadly use of firearms across the country, Texas, like many other states, is taking a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who lawfully or unlawfully processes or uses a gun. The laws of self defense, castle doctrine, stand your ground and deadly force are not usually as clear cut as one might think.

In addition to defending clients against crimes like homicide, assault, and robbery that may involve the use of guns, the Law Office of Doug Emerson has extensive experience dealing with weapons and firearms cases.

We investigate the charges to determine any law enforcement overreach, discrepancies in the evidence and defensive issues relevant to your case.  Doug Emerson will aggressively negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction of charges (if appropriate) or an outright dismissal of your case. When necessary, we persuasively litigate your case before a judge and
jury in court.

College Student

If your college-enrolled minor child is in trouble with the law, you need skilled legal help on your side that protects your child's rights, calms your concerns and spares you the inconvenience of long-distance travel.

Expunctions & Non Disclosures

A criminal record can show up on background checks for housing and employment.  If left alone, it can also affect your goal of an academic career or professional license. You may be eligible for an expunction helping to clear your record so that you can resume a normal life. In some cases a Motion for Non-Disclosure may be filed to limit access to your records.


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Traffic Violations

Our law firm understands how important driving to and from work is in order to provide for your family. We utilize extensive knowledge in traffic laws and strategies to help you avoid thousands of dollars in fines and restore your driver's license. There are many offenses that may result in a suspension or denial of your driving privileges.  Simply paying a fine may subject you to suspension or annual surcharges on your drivers license.

Traffic Cases Include:

• License Revocation • Fines • DWI • DWLI • Suspended Driver's License

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